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Registration starts on June 20 (09:00-20:00) at the Faculty of Physics MSU and will last till June 25

All Participants are welcome to participate in Welcome Party to be held on June 20 from 18:00 till 20:00. The meeting point is Faculty of Physics.

Opening ceremony starts on June 21 at 09:45 in the Central Hall of Faculty of Physics.

The participants arriving abroad and wishing to book taxi should contact with organazing committee as soon as possible. The request of booking will be accepted till June 15

See information on Presentation preparation (about MISM-Poster and oral presentations)

See information on the confernce dinner (About MISM - Conference dinner)

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/downloads/MISM-2008-Abstracts.pdf Tue Jan 22, 2008 31.50
/downloads/JMMMArticle.doc Wed Feb 13, 2008 376.50
/downloads/MSFInstructions.rtf Wed Apr 30, 2008 33.68

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