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00.00.00 GENERAL
01.00.00 Communication, education, history, and philosophy
01.10.-m Announcements, news, and organizational activities
01.10.Cr Announcements, news, and awards
01.10.Fv Conferences, lectures, and institutes
01.10.Hx Physics organizational activities
01.20.+x Communication forms and techniques(written, oral, electronic, etc.)
01.30.-y Physics literature and publications
01.30.Bb Publications of lectures(advanced institutes, summer schools, etc.)
01.30.Cc Conference proceedings
01.30.Ee Monographs and collections
01.30.Kj Handbooks, dictionaries, tables, and data compilations
01.30.Mm Textbooks for graduates and researchers
01.30.Pp Textbooks for undergraduates
01.30.Rr Surveys and tutorial papers; resource letters
01.30.Tt Bibliographies
01.30.Vv Book reviews
01.30.Xx Publications in electronic media(for the topic of electronic publishing, see 01.20)
01.40.-d Education
01.40.Di Course design and evaluation
01.40.Ej Science in elementary and secondary school
01.40.Fk Physics education research(cognition, problem solving, etc.)
01.40.Gm Curricula; teaching methods, strategies, theory of testing and evaluation
01.40.Jp Teacher training
01.50.-i Educational aids
01.50.Fr Audio and visual aids, films
01.50.Ht Instructional computer use
01.50.Kw Techniques of testing
01.50.Lc Laboratory computer use(see also 01.50.Pa)
01.50.My Demonstration experiments and apparatus
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